Throwdown at the Campground 2023

Throwdown at the Campground flyer

This was a brand new festival for us!

Held in Fruitland Park, Florida ( not too far from The Villages!) we had the pleasure of camping in a beautiful flat spot to enjoy a weekends worth of some of the best music out there. The weather was beautiful, and if you’ve never been to Florida in March you are in for a treat. We were very, very pleased with how well the entire weekend ran, especially considering this was a first year festival! The food trucks and Khaos Kitchen had some great eats, every bathroom or port-a-potty we walked into was well stocked and *spotless* (EVERY SINGLE DAY!!), and the staff were friendly and very accommodating. As soon as we have the info for next years Throwdown at the Campground , we’ll be sure to share it! We have a *ton* of photos on Facebook and Instagram from Throwdown, but here’s a few to give you an idea of the epic weekend we had! Thanks so much for the invitation, and we cannot wait to come back next spring!

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Magg Dylan


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